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Three weeks to go!

Excitement is building – mine anyway.

To launch three books in one go is quite an effort and takes a long time, especially when you do it on three platforms and add the titles to Goodreads and other groups.

Scott’s Choice has been posted on NetGalley as well: http://bit.ly/33hXevp, which will hopefully gain some reviews in due course. If any of you are members, it will be much appreciated if you take a look and leave a review – thanks.

If you click on the cover images above, you’ll be taken to the Amazon page for each book, where you can preorder any of them. Scott’s Choice will be delivered on the 7th November 2019 and all three will be published on the 29th of November. If you are not an Amazon fan, not to worry. Via aggregators, the trilogy is available from eight other distributors, including Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.
In case you didn’t pick up on the information about this trilogy, you can read more detail on the trilogy elsewhere on this website.

If you’re not already subscribed to my reader’s list, you have the option of doing so and receiving a free short story, Mjölnir, which is inspired by Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’.

Thanks for subscribing and your interest.

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