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You see the fear in her eyes, the pleading. Would you abandon her to a life of abuse to save more innocent children?

Ostensibly, Andrew Duncan is a fortunate, intelligent young man, but no one realises he’s actually much, much older. Big Pharma knows, though, and they will stop at nothing to learn his secret, because it will lead to massive profits.

While Andrew evades the tentacles of the giant corporation, he’s framed for the savage murder of a reporter. But who really did it – the pharmaceutical company or the child trafficking gang the journalist was probing?

To prove his innocence, Andrew assumes the reporter’s investigation.

But when he spots two of the victims, he’s forced into making a critical decision. Andrew must find the assassin and expose the depraved gang. But the police are looking for him, Big Pharma is after him and a pair of little girls depend on him. Even worse, the assassin is closing in.


Thirty-Four is not a book in the fantasy genre. It’s an exciting thriller about a man, Andrew, who does not age.

Because this is an impossibility (for the foreseeable future anyway), you’ve probably never thought of the implications of such a condition. While it might be an ideal situation for a very few people, if large numbers never aged, it would be catastrophic for humankind and the planet.

Andrew knows this and is desperate to keep his condition a secret. Whilst Andrew can do nothing about his situation, he decides to spend his life helping others overcome injustices.

In Thirty-Four his only weapon is his dog, yet he has to find a killer, avoid being abducted by a pharmaceutical giant and bring down a gang of paedophiles. Somehow, all these players are connected, but he’s not sure how.      



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