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One week to go.

One week to go and the entire Scott Trilogy will be launched.

I can’t believe how much there is to do in launching one book, let alone three at the same time. Being relatively new at this, I sought advice from more experienced authors and read course notes from the experts. I then made a check list and have been ticking off the actions for the last three months. With your help, a few copies will be bought and enjoyed, and if you really want to be helpful, you will leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon or your favourite site – thank you.

One of the best tools I’ve used is a neat little widget called a Book2Look. I purchased some for the series, because they have a Look Inside feature and also shop links. With this tool you can click on your favourite store and purchase the title there and then. You can see the B2L on the home and individual book pages on this site. I’m trying to add the little guys to other useful places like Goodreads, but the technology escapes me at the moment.

Following the links below will take you to your Amazon page for each book, no matter where in the world you are:

Scott’s Choice: getbook.at/ScottsChoice
Nature’s Justice: getbook.at/NaturesJustice
The Pilot: getbook.at/ThePilot

If you don’t want to use Amazon then find your store for ebook or paperback through the Book2Look.

Thanks for your attention and interest.

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