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Running Forever


Andrew was ten – the murder was just a foot away.

Andrew Duncan has a condition. He’s been thirty-four for fifty-one years, and Big Pharma wants to know why – he’s worth millions to them.

His escape from their relentless pursuit finds him in the Eastern Congo, a battleground of warring factions and a hub for conflict minerals and wildlife trafficking.

Jacques Mertens is the kingpin of this abhorrent trade. Andrew is compelled to fight it and halt the suffering of countless wild animals, but Mertens will kill to protect his business.

Throughout, the spectre of Big Pharma looms over Andrew and his friend Kirsten, far away in England. Somehow, Andrew must protect her while safeguarding his own future, yet still fulfil a child’s promise.

If you like Jo Nesbo and Harlan Coben then this, the second thrilling instalment in Andrew Duncan’s very odd life, after Thirty-Four, is for you.


Running Forever is not a book in the fantasy genre. It’s an exciting thriller, the second after Thirty-Four, about a man who does not age.

Because this is an impossibility (for the foreseeable future anyway), you’ve probably never thought of the implications of such a condition. While it might be an ideal situation for a very few people, if large numbers never aged, it would be catastrophic for humankind and the planet.

Andrew knows this and is desperate to keep his condition a secret. Whilst Andrew can do nothing about his situation, he decides to spend his life helping others overcome injustices.

This time he is embroiled in a battle with wildlife traffickers and East African gangsters while still being pursued by Big Pharma.



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