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First blog

This is my first blog.  Don’t expect too many, I’m trying to work!

A Fitting Revenge was written over a period of almost four years.  That does not mean it is automatically a literary masterpiece, far from it. It means that I was trying to earn a living most of the time.  However, the vast majority of my paid work was for the petroleum industry, and when the oil price crashed most of the sector made drastic cuts, particularly non essential services.  Strangely, because oil companies are ostensibly so supportive of safe practice, aviation safety was apparently considered less essential.  So, with that door closing, work slowing down and almost stopping altogether, the proverbial window opened and I was able to devote a lot more time to writing.  Thank you, US shale oil, or Saudi Arabia, or OPEC or whatever gremlin has an influence on the oil price!  I’m being selfish, but what the hell?

1 thought on “First blog”

  1. Jane Fogden

    Well you sure have some talents I didn’t know about!! I am thoroughly enjoying A Fitting Revenge – a great read. Every now and then I have a grin when Alistair comes out with some Sole attributes. I look forward to What’s Brewing being published. Hope all is well in merry England. I would love to come over and do a trip around Ireland with you two. I could do with assistance putting the pressure on the boss! I love your book, Jane X

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