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A Fitting Revenge



Your friend is in deep trouble. How far will you go to protect him? How far is too far?

Alastair is helping his close friend, Giles, to avoid a punishing divorce from Sandra. But Sandra is determined to have things her way. As Alastair is drawn into a situation which he battles to control, the love binding him and Juliet is ripped apart.

With the common goal of rescuing their friend, they strive to work together, but the tension between them only widens the rift as Alastair faces the ruination of his life.

Fighting his way out of the turmoil, Alastair stretches reason to exact a terrible revenge for the extortion and assault that has affected his friends. In doing so, he discovers a side to himself that he never knew existed.

Revenge must be taken, but is Alastair’s “eye for an eye” concept too extreme? Will Juliet remain a love lost?

Pick up A Fitting Revenge NOW to find out.

I hope you enjoy A Fitting Revenge, it’s a thriller about ordinary people subjected to a terrible situation from which they are trying to extricate themselves.  Filled with suspense, it moves quickly through some horrific events.

What would you do if it happened to you? Would you too enact an extreme response?

It’s available from any Amazon site in ebook or paperback from HERE.

It’s available from most other stores via the Book2Look icon on the BOOKS page.

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Currently scoring 4.5 out of 5 Stars on Goodreads and Amazon. SAMPLE REVIEWS ON AMAZON: 

* Suspenseful, gripping, intriguing – all the components you need for a good read in this genre. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Well written, so reads easily. Lots going on in the story – so each chapter urges you to hurry to the next. This is CA Sole’s debut novel. I’m looking forward to seeing what he brings out next! (Be sure to visit his website where you will find a free short story – a beautifully written, very poignant piece) .

* I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are cleverly developed and believable and the plot fast paced and well constructed. Once I got into it I did not want to stop reading (my wife stayed up until 2 am to finish it!). I hope the author gives us more.

* Fantastic first novel! Great page turner. I found the pace fast and the plot well thought out and suspenseful. Loved it. Looking forward to the next title.

* Betrayal, intrigue, fraud, a sprinkling of violence and a deliciously salacious villainess are pitted against the story’s two main protagonists in this compelling yarn of friendship, love and manipulation. The multitude of ingredients could have been overpowering but instead ended up resulting in a well seasoned page turner of a crime thriller. A great debut novel and I suspect not the last we’ve seen of the charismatic and morally compromised Mr. Forbes. Really quite enjoyed it!

* Bought the paperback. Clever plot. Had me reading till late.

* I not generally one for writing reviews however from the get go this book proved thoroughly engaging. The phrase “I couldn’t put it down” is perhaps used to frequently but in this case I couldn’t describe it better. The author manages to draw you in immediately and the plot holds your attention right through to its conclusion. The book is beautifully written and I can honestly say that I cannot wait for C A Sole’s next novel. A must read…

* A very enjoyable read. Lots of plot twists and lifelike characters to hold your attention. A tasty entree – can’t wait for the next course!

* Fantastic first novel! Great page turner. I found the pace fast and the plot well thought out and suspenseful. Loved it. Looking forward to the next title. Goodreads reviews can be seen by clicking the gold button above. They can be submitted by clicking the gold button. You can also submit a review through the Amazon “A Fitting Revenge” web page. It would really help – thanks. See the links above.     SaveSave SaveSave

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