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Scott Trilogy out soon

Oh dear, I’ve just realised it’s over a year since I last blogged. That’s what being bogged down with writing does for you.

At last the Scott Trilogy is ready to be projected out into the reading world. I’ve renamed the original title of CJ to Scott’s Choice, that’s followed by Nature’s Justice and The Pilot. All three books have been uploaded to Amazon, Ingram Spark, Kobo, Draft2Digital and SmashWords. From these last two aggregators, they’ll be in other retailers around the world – exciting stuff.

Scott’s Choice came about because I have always questioned what my life would be like if I had made a different choice when significant options on a career path presented themselves. Should I have stayed in the army? There were lots of benefits from doing so, but I would have missed so many of the other valuable experiences I’ve had and places I’ve visited, lived and worked in. They would have been replaced by others, of course, but which would have been better? I will never know. What I do know is there are consequences to every choice we make.

To examine both choices, I dreamed up a story of a young man experiencing two lives simultaneously, each one with dramatically different results. The series is not only about choice and consequence, it also asks the question as to whether it is better to follow your instincts in making such choices, or to listen to the advice of those who’s own agenda might be influencing their words.

The sequels, Nature’s Justice and The Pilot each examine how the two personae of CJ Scott continue their lives after the first book. Is one of them real and the other a figment of his own imagination, and if so, will he morph back into his own character?

You can read more detail on the trilogy on my website, https://www.helifish.co.uk. If you’re not already subscribed to my reader’s list, you have the option of doing so and receiving a free short story, Mjölnir, which is inspired by Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’.

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