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Nature’s Justice


A walk in the wild is tranquility itself. But what if your peace is shattered by gunfire – and you are a witness?

Fresh from their exploits in South America (Scott’s Choice), Jonathan and Gudrun begin their research for an adventurous expedition in Southern Africa. Shocked by a horrific event, they learn who is behind the evil trade in wildlife.

Mr Poh is a very dangerous customer, and he knows who they are. But Gudrun has seen red. She wants to fight and her actions are extreme, even for Jonathan. Are they hunting Poh, or are they his prey?

Through city and bush for a thousand kilometres north to the Victoria Falls, they accumulate more evidence against him, but he’s right behind them. At stake are their lives.

Will Gudrun’s recklessness be the end of them all? Jonathan tries to keep her in check, but their relationship is threatened by the stress.      



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