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A new series to be launched!

Folks, this is my first blog since February. I haven’t been lazy, just busy doing other stuff – like writing. 

Since December, when CJ was published, I have completed two sequels which were started long ago. These are Nature’s Justice and The Pilot. My plan is to retitle CJ as Two Destinies and then launch all three books in fairly rapid succession. This to give readers a more complete story in one go rather than leave everyone hanging in the air for months before the next sequel appears.

Nature’s Justice follows the adventurous protagonist and his girlfriend through South Africa, Botswana and on to the Victoria Falls in an exciting chase involving a smuggler of wildlife parts, although they are not sure who is hunting who. The travels are real, as are some of the scenes – I’ve done the route and been to every place mentioned in the book. I’ve also experienced much of the drama that’s portrayed, so the story is both realistic and believable.

The Pilot sees the protagonist as a flying instructor who is accused of stalking one of his students and also of smuggling illegal immigrants into the UK at night. Yes, I was an experienced helicopter pilot and instructor but no, I haven’t stalked anyone nor smuggled migrants. But this is fiction, and not everything we write in novels has to be based on reality.

You can see more detail on the thrillers in other pages on this website.

I’ll be revealing the new cover for Two Destinies around the beginning of October and the others a few weeks after that.

Happy readings and do feel free to ask me questions via Goodreads or in the Comments section, below.

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