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CJ and its sequels

Greetings Readers,

“CJ” is now out there and looking to you to pick it up and read it. In case you don’t know, this thriller is about a young man that reaches a decisive point in his life and has to decide whether to take a path that will bring financial rewards through a boring, conventional existence, or to accept the risks that being adventurous will bring. So he divides, with one part of him – C – choosing to accept the business route, and the other character – J – going for the risky life which starts in Bolivia. Because CJ’s nature is to be adventurous, both paths come with life threatening risks anyway. Obviously, you can find out more about the book through its page on this website.

One of the sequels to “CJ”, titled “Nature’s Justice”, continues with the tale of the adventurous J, this time in Southern Africa. I have finished writing Nature’s Justice and it is now ready for a professional edit. The other sequel to “CJ”, titled “The Pilot”, is in an advanced stage of design in the sense that it is almost fully structured, and I will start putting real words to paper in the near future.

That’s the way I work, develop the architecture and then write the words. Others manage to just write from scratch, which is something that would never work for me, I would lose the plot entirely (in more ways than one, ha, ha). Sincerely, I take my hat off to those with minds that can do that.

Unfortunately, “CJ” is very hard to find on Amazon. The best way to get it at the moment is to look up ‘CJ by C A Sole’. Easier though, is to use this link  http://getbook.at/CJCS which will go automatically to  the appropriate Amazon store. It is available on all other platforms as well. Apple Books: http://apple.co/2BMQuZg  Kobo: http://bit.ly/2j8YGvl  Nook: http://bit.ly/2A7vzmv If you’re going to search be sure to type ‘CJ by CA Sole’

“A Fitting Revenge”, my first thriller, is easily found on Amazon, and is enjoying some success. You should have a look. Readers say it’s worth it.

Well, back to putting pen to paper for “The Pilot”.

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