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Working Hard

Hello, this is me thinking about working hard on my second novel (CJ) in which one of the protagonists spends some time in South America. He is following a route that I took some years ago through Bolivia and up onto the Altiplano. A visit to the Salar de Uyuni was a completely unforgettable experience and I urge the adventurous among you to add it to your bucket list. You need to go when the Salar has had rain or taken water from the outflow of Lake Titicaca; it’s truly amazing. My friend then pays a visit to Titicaca itself and follows that by trekking to Machu Picchu. I must emphasise that this is not a travelog, he faces a number of serious problems while on this journey.
Currently, progress has slowed as I diverted from writing to refer to notes and photos from my trip. This to ensure that my descriptions are correct. It’s great fun, but it does postpone publication.
If you gather that I like South America you are correct, especially Chile, and especially Patagonia.

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