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Update on CJ, another thriller and my current read.

Following on from A Fitting Revenge, which has been well received (4.5* on Goodreads and Amazon), my next book, titled CJ, has been edited with some encouraging compliments from the lady that did it (as well as kindly pointing out where the wheels were falling off). Anyway, it has now gone for a proofread and I hope to publish in a couple of months. While waiting for that, I’m resurrecting an unfinished story and turning it into a third thriller which probably won’t see the light of day until next year.

I’m sure everyone at some point thinks back to when they made a significant decision and wonders what their life would be like had they made a different choice. Thoughts like: What would have happened if I had got married/joined the army/emigrated/took the other job, where would I be today? As mentioned previously, this thriller has a plot which was difficult to assemble, as CJ, a young man, reaches a certain point in his life, a crossroads which presents him with a choice of which route to take. Debating this, he divides, with C taking one path and J another. C is cautious and J is adventurous, but both of them have to face a common enemy in their separate lives which end (as far as the book goes) in very different ways.

I have an addiction to Scandinavian crime. It’s often horrific, dark and vicious – think Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. I’m currently reading Jo Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole thriller, The Thirst, and it’s no different. Perhaps Hole has a few more rather serious personal problems than previously. They interfere with his work and tend to drag the story out a small degree. But Nesbo is not one for including unnecessary detail, so I’m sure Hole’s trials have a bearing on what happens later. Certainly, the story has me hooked and I look forward to my next reading session every day. As with all the Harry Hole novels, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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