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Price promotion

Hello Loyal Followers,

Just to let you know that A Fitting Revenge has been reduced to GBP 0.99 and equivalent world wide.  This is a limited time offer, so please make the most of the cheap price.

My second novel, CJ, has been self edited to the point of  boredom on my part, and it’s time for it to go to a professional editor.  It has been really difficult to structure, because it tells the story of the same man who takes two different paths in life simultaneously, following a decisive episode.  CJ divides into C and J, each adopting a separate part of the original character.  Of course, these two men have common friends and a common enemy, and those people have fixed events in their lives that are not influenced by either C or J, and they have to react to C and J in different ways, because the two take different actions.

The book explores what what would happen in this person’s life had he made a different choice at a decisive moment.  Haven’t we all wondered what our lives would be like if we had chosen a different partner, or joined the army instead of going to university, or become a stuntman instead of being an accountant?

If the editor tells me I’m wasting my time with this, then I shall humbly retreat and think of something less difficult.

Happy reading.


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